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Meet The Team!

Kenny Thorson
Project Leader and Company President
aka cybershrapnel (Shrap)
Company Founder
Software Engineer
B.S. Computer Information Systems, Winona State University 2006
B.S. Computer Science, Winona State University 2006
with a Business Administration Minor
(A personal message from our founder)

Taunya Rodgers
Office Administrator/Secretary of Treasury
Co-Founder and Founder's better half :)

Kenny and Taunya


Brandon Rodgers
Project Development
Taunya's Eldest Son
Student @ Portland State University (PSU)


We have been approved and accepted!

Nvidia's Inception and Deep Learning Teams


The Venus Project has expressed direct interest in using our system to run their futuristic eco cities central brain computer system!

The Venus Project

The BOINC Team @ Berkley
(Dave Anderson and his great team) We use BOINC as our third tier distribution portal for excess CPU power.

we use JPPF as our 2nd tier below our virtualization layer for CPU power usage and this layer is responsible for selling power to 3rd parties.

Hopefully our list of partners* will grow to include but not be limited to as follows:
(*only NVIDIA is officially confirmed so far)

Elon Musk & Sam Altman and their OpenAI Team

Intel with their AI & Distributed Computing Team

It would also prove useful to make alliances with the Quantum Computing company D-Wave and CERN as well as they are making giant strides in the related areas of technology and software that we will be utilizing. Also

Samsung's "Viv" AI Platform
which they just purchased for developing the S8 assistant.

The next 4 companies have already formed an AI coalition with one another recently along with Microsoft which is exactly the kind of cooperation we need to build this thing.

Google's "Brain Team"
will almost certainly need to work with us at some point if they plan to succeed safely.

Facebook's Machine Learning Team
would also be a great group to work with.

Amazon AI
is yet another one.

IBM's Watson Program
is the final one we should get involved with.

Future Team Opportunities

As a General Contractor operating in Portland right now for our business' day to day services we already have great connections for building when it comes to awesome sub-contractors so at some point if we grow large enough we would clearly want to build ourselves a Data Center with many Quantum Computers.

Before we get to that point though we would Love to house our Quantum Computer(s) we obtain at both Portland State in Oregon and/or Winona State in Minnesota so that those two Universities can use our machines to educate students while we build our System with their help and support if possible when we get to that point where we can get our hands on one.

It will also help us on costs for housing these machines as they are big, and they take up a lot of room, and they cost a lot to run/maintain/service, and this would be a great way for us to get them in operation for our needs while finding a cool way to get these schools access to these machines as well.

The geographical placement of having a machine at these two locations would cover the population density of the majority of the United States quite well for our initial scaling until we reach billions of devices.

There are also many, many different contributors like yourself possibly.
e-mail us today if you're interested in joining our team!

Special Thanks to our youth support staff:

Xander Thorson - Honorary Youth Developer - Founder and Co-Founder's son.
He puts the XT in XT Development!

Ayden Langston - Honorary Youth Developer - Co-Founder's younger and upcoming study

Greyson Langston - Honorary Youth Developer - Co-Founder's youngest and upcoming study

Dedicated In Loving Memory To Larry Thorson

This Project is dedicated in loving memory to our Company Founder's Late Father
Retired MNSP Sergeant Larry E. Thorson.

He tragically died the day after this photo was taken in a tractor roll-over on May 25th of 2008 at the age of 63 not far from his 64th Birthday on the family farm he grew up at.

He was rescuing kittens in this picture...RIP

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