Team Members

Meet The Team!

Kenny Thorson
Project Leader and Company President
aka cybershrapnel (Shrap)
Company Founder
Software Engineer
B.S. Computer Information Systems, Winona State University 2006
B.S. Computer Science, Winona State University 2006
with a Business Administration Minor
(A personal message from our founder)



Jon Stokes



Roy Hodge



Danny Cygan



There are also many, many different contributors like yourself possibly.
e-mail us today if you're interested in joining our team!

Special Thanks to our youth support staff:

Xander Thorson - Honorary Youth Developer - Founder's son.
He puts the XT in XT Development!

Dedicated In Loving Memory To Larry Thorson

This Project is dedicated in loving memory to our Company Founder's Late Father
Retired MNSP Sergeant Larry E. Thorson.

He tragically died the day after this photo was taken in a tractor roll-over on May 25th of 2008 at the age of 63 not far from his 64th Birthday on the family farm he grew up at.

He was rescuing kittens in this picture...RIP

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