Quantum Universes

What is a Quantum universe?

Quantum Universes explained.

A quantum universe in the simplest explanation is our universe that we live in.

We could discuss many hours of topics and ideas but we will be focusing on what is relevant to our technology.

A quantum universe is the amazing final outcome of billions to the billionths of powers (and more) of choices and chance combined into a single observed outcome.

As we mention on our other pages.
We do not promote the idea of multiple universes or many world theories.
We are just using the idea in an abstract way and simulating portions of the theory as if it was true.

Think of it like the waveform of a photon as shown in numerous experiments.
it's waveform puts the photon in every possible place it could hit but once observed it chooses a place and only one place.

A quantum universe is similar in a way.
It is a progression of quantum bubbles which are choices and possibilities stored as quantum information that all in all add up to the static universe we know and see around us.
one or two changes within a quantum bubble won't affect the overall outcome of the bigger bubble it's inside of.

If you want to know more about quantum physics then please do watch some of the videos on our quantum physics page.
It is a complicated subject and open to many different interpretations.

Outer Skybox Simulation

In our system we will definitely run an overall simulation of everything that is not Earth.
Basically we want to simulate the universe minus Earth in real-time or at least what we can manage of it.

The key here is that we will model it from the big bang forward to now and then continue the model in real time.
This can eventually be used for all sorts of things such as asteroid tracking.

Of course this model will start small and grow.
We will only simulate the asteroid belt or the solar system at first for example.
We then move up in scale to the galaxy when possible, etc.

Just remember we can cheat with the same principles we observe in quantum physics which is what we already sort of do in good simulations anyway.

Such as if we simulate all 450 million stars in the Milky-way, we don't actually have to simulate each one down to the scale of our solar system.
Unless we look inside it for some reason.

So our simulation will only simulate to scale what's visible and then what gets looked at from there.

It will take time and work to get the cheating concept down and implemented proper but it is straight from mother nature's own play-book as it seems.

Our first generation of this simulation can be used to detect and map asteroids and comets and all such dangers around our planet in our local part of space.
NASA or whomever would obviously take lead on running and developing a module for this type of thing but then run it on our cloud.
We could then help track everything in real time.

Each iteration layer or step in the pyramid which is our overall Ultra-verse of Omni-verses will have a unique outer skybox represented by a galaxy (until we get to iteration 16). These unique skybox areas can be leased or sold to gaming companies for use in games such as the one above. We hope to team up with the Warhammer team to do one of our early iteration skyboxes in this fashion but note that iteration skyboxes can be anything we want. Also note that each iteration gets larger by huge factors of scale after the 16th iteration and jumps to the cluster of galaxies level of scale and beyond.

Inner Iterated Simulations

Now at the center of this outer simulation is an empty blank spot where the earth simulation should be.

This is where our MEQUAVIS kicks in with multi-verse theory and we will build a simulation of Just the earth, but iterate multiple different versions of the simulation based on our main real time simulation of right now and today.

We start this process small by only simulating a single City, then a County, State, Country, and eventually the Planet.

Each iterated simulation would share the same outer simulation as a sky-box. This way every simulation theoretically from within would appear as an entire universe being simulated but could have very different versions of earth being simulated.

All without having to do all the extra heavy lifting involved with simulating an entire universe.
Basically we will use the outer universe simulation as a sky-box for our iteration of simulated Multi-verses.

Here is a simple way to conceptualize how the Omega 13 simulation will be built in a way we as people can understand.

In this picture we make a puzzle out of the cosmos mapping each device to a star which is a puzzle piece of the Milky-Way part of the cosmos, or Andromeda for AI.

We leave the center piece empty as a hole which is where the special simulation gets inserted that is not part of the sky-box simulation.

Obviously just like the outer simulation where we start with the solar system or asteroid belt only.

We would start our Earth simulations the same way by only simulating a continent or city or such as mentioned prior.

We do this to get a good starting point until the system can be grown to the proper scale on both the hardware and software side of things.

We will partner with a group that is working on simulations already as we really do not believe in re-inventing the wheel.

The main reason for these simulations is to encapsulate quantum superposition data and AI software within a virtualized environment that exists within these simulations in order to produce a functional Quantum Anti-Virus System and a Quantum Firewall in order to produce a world first Quantum Protection System.

These two systems will put checks and balances on AI software which you can read about on our other pages which will prevent Quantum Computers from accessing important super position data that it does not mean to access by mistake or simply should not have access to.

If a Quantum Computer ever exceeds it's boundaries it would change the data of the simulation before it changed any real world data and the data it changed that it shouldn't have been able to change would now be detectable within our system like an alarm and we can simply shut-down that quantum computer before it can access super-positions any further out of it's virtual-box.

If we catch a Quantum Computer doing this in a simulated environment it would also lean a lot of credit towards theories that are currently going around the scientific community that are as of now unprovable in reality because any data that would be collected would be altered before it could be used as proof due to quantum mechanics.

But this wouldn't be the case if isolated within a virtual environment that allows for detection.

Entangled In The Multi-Verse

Each universe we simulate will be simulated as in the TV show "Fringe" with the 2 sides of a coin idea.

So one side of the coin is one simulation and the other side is the other simulation in the pair of which both are controlled by a template simulation for control and proper iteration.

This means each pair of simulations is partnered with a simulation from the inner ring of simulations.

This forms a group of 3 simulations (as shown below) representing 2 usable data sets in all but two cases.

See our section on Multi-verse Theory to learn more about the hierarchy and layout of these quantum universes that we will simulate.


In the end we basically have one simulation being copied to several control template simulations and then each template is simulated twice more through recursion and iteration altering them to create two working active and different simulations for each control template simulation.

Click Here to read an overly dramatic Gnostic document about the secret of the Matrix that makes for an interesting read as it relates to our AI simulations and ethics and anything inside our system and it's lack of ability to confirm what it is inside of.

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