Quantum Physics

What exactly is it?

explained in laymen terms.

On this page you will find posts of different videos regarding quantum physics.

While you don't really need to know anything about quantum physics to understand our service. It is really fascinating stuff once you grasp the concepts.

Unfortunately it gives most people a headache trying to understand it.

However there are some really amazing videos out there these days that really explain the stuff to a certain extent very well.

I suggest checking them out if you ever have the time and patience and want to know more.

Quantum Spookiness in bird flight (nature's GPS)

More about bird flight GPS

Watch the first 15 or so minutes of this video (6:30 is where things get REALLY good) for a very good depiction of how this spookiness choosing works. They explain that it's like rolling a boulder that represents a 50/50 choice up a mountain until you finally have no choice but to roll the boulder left or right down the hill and the correct choice between two identical choices now becomes apparent and clear.
We will use this same type of quantum spookiness for our Ultra KAI to choose it's final iteration choice from the mix.

Below you will find some screen-shots of some interesting articles relating to some of the things we are discussing on this website and with our related technologies.


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