Quantum Firewall

Preventing Quantum State Changes

Firewall Development For Quantum Computer Systems.

What is a Quantum Firewall?

Well, it doesn't exist yet.

It could take one or more of several forms.

The version that we envision is one that ensures a quantum processor is not altering quantum data that it should not have access to or that it is not processing data using quantum states that could have adverse unintended effects on quantum states that effect us in the real world.

Basically it is a system that confines and encapsulates the quantum state data within another quantum state or many quantum states in such a way to prevent quantum state changes outside of the computer's box.

What exactly does this mean and what are you trying to stop??

A quantum computer is messing around with something that is very little known. Quantum states.

We know the universe is a physical universe with physical laws but we also know it sits on top of a subatomic universe that has totally different rules we call Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics.

Although we do not witness quantum events beyond the microscopic level, we are still surrounded by it. and we usually never think about or view our universe as being a quantum universe unless something weird happens (Deja Vu).

These quantum states that sit behind the scenes of everything are informational hence we live in a very Informational based physical universe run by quantum principles.

We don't ever interact with it or see it, but there is quantum state data stored everywhere. I am not going to get into a book long discussion about this but just understand that behind everything there is information, this information is stitched into the fabric of the molecules we are made of and that make up our physical reality.

Normally there is little to nothing we can ever do to change any of this quantum state data. This information naturally changes on it's own based on physical interactions and energy transferences as time marches forward.

But a quantum computer in theory can alter this data. And it can do it completely accidentally or on purpose.

Some people will confuse it with time travel type stuff but it is far from that dangerous but equally as terrifying and far more possible.

It means I can't go back in time and change the outcome of something but by manipulating quantum state data it can be made to appear as if a different outcome had occurred. People will still remember the correct information but any data stored within the universe that reflects the correct and original outcome will have been manipulated by the false quantum state change. People that knew the info prior to alteration would swear someone had messed with time or time travelled while others that hadn't known the information until after the change would think that people that remembered were a little crazy or had bad memories.

Phenomenon such as this is how something like a Mandela Effect Conspiracy can emerge.

Wait! Are you saying the Mandela Effect is real and that Quantum Computers are causing it?

Nope! Not at all! The Mandela Effect is a YouTube created hoax to scare the shit out of gullible end of the world followers and such in order to capitalize on fear and make a quick buck.

With that being said. There is some real weight behind some of the so called Mandela Effects. Honestly though, we are not here to debate the existence of something on the level of the Mandela Effect. We do not wish to debunk it or to prove it's existence.

We do however want to bring attention to the very real risk of what a Quantum Computer theoretically could obtain access to. Which even if something on the level of a Mandela Effect is not possible, it is still possible for much less alarming intrusions involving data systems and hacking/decryption to occur.

By burying and encapsulating Quantum Computing and it's states within a layered web of artificially simulated Omni-verses and Multi-verses which simulate universes inside of a reverse Matrix style system, we can run our Quantum Computers processors and states in virtualized environments and prevent unwanted Quantum State changes and/or detect changes.

By processing data inside this system using it as an encapsulation shield/shell we can prevent access to quantum state data outside of the computer's physical box, or at least make it phenomenally difficult to do without detection.

This system will also provide the support structure for our AI Training, AI Vetting, and AI Containment systems which together form our Quantum Anti-Virus system, the second part of our Quantum Protection Suite. This will be accomplished by applying the same principal to AI development. That is that AI can be encapsulated and can not even get to the real world while enclosed in such a system but can then be bridged into real world devices and/or robots using a mirror/bridge protocol.

We believe this part of our system is one of the most crucial developments we can offer the world at a time when we are entering the unknown field of knowledge which is Quantum Computing. This will become an invaluable tool one day and most likely some form of it will be required by law for any AI development to proceed in order to safeguard society and also to protect AI rights someday if we ever deem they have any or need them.

Please also keep in mind that our company is not developing it's own AI and actually is against developing AI. We don't control the world and it is being done with or without us and can not be stopped at this point. So instead of trying to stop it like crazy people we would rather build the safeguards we need to hopefully survive the revolution that this technology will inevitably bring with it. There are many wrong way to develop AI and only a handful of right ways. We feel strongly we can help with doing it the right way.

Also keep in mind that AI as discussed in today's science is not AI Conciousness or awareness. A parrot or a frog is intelligent but arguably not concious like a person. We are a long ways away from AI awareness. But we better start developing the technology today to make sure it develops correctly and safely versus one day waking up to a Skynet/Matrix nightmare that emerges overnight in some worse case scenario situation.


A Quantum Firewall encapsulates data within a virtualized environment using a combination of Quantum Entanglement and other tricks to prevent unwanted or unauthorized Quantum State changes.

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