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At NANOCHEEZE we are not in the business of developing Quantum Computers but we are going to be utilizing them in order to build a Quantum Anti-Virus and Quantum Firewall for the purpose of AI Training, Vetting, and Containment through use of the NANOCHEEZE AI Bridge.

We will also reclaim and sell normally wasted CPU power from people's devices and offer to organizations that can utilize this reclaimed power or use ourselves internally to power our Quantum Protection System which we collectively call the MEQUAVIS.

Any CPU power that is leftover will go to educational usage for free.

Our use of Quantum Computing will rely heavily on the use and combination of distributed computing otherwise known as cloud computing today.

Recent advancements in Quantum Computing have made it abundantly clear where the technology is going and other advancements in chemistry and physics are producing materials that will soon allow for home and portable quantum processor powered devices.

That's right. Our portable devices, phones, tablets, and laptops may soon get a quantum processor upgrade within the next 10 or so years.

Techniques have recently been proven regarding the production of super-conductive materials that operate at high temperatures using interface points.
We also have Quantum Teleportation technology right around the corner as well which will make data exchange between devices trivial.
We will not explain the physics of this at all here nor is that anything our company is interested in.
We simply want to stress the fact that this technology is being developed and is on it's way sooner than expected.

If you would like to know more about room temperature quantum computing devices look up superconductivity using multi material interface points.
It's crazy interesting stuff if you like to know the technical stuff.

Many sceptics of our system point out the redundancy of building a cloud computing network out of end user devices.
The argument we receive is that if we are going to pair the system with a quantum computer that the quantum computer will outperform every single device that end users add to the system by a huge scale.

This argument is actually what killed this project several years back.
And also why you see giant server farms in use today that are basically performing some of the functions that we are suggesting.

The magic here is that if we build our software infrastructure prior to the release of portable quantum processors that we will be ready to go so to speak when they are released for public use.
And every device we add to our cloud at that point will actually matter in a big way once we start adding Quantum CPU powered Devices.

Basically our idea has been revived by the absolute catapult forward that Quantum Computing has made and is making in recent years.
We suggest looking up several videos and will include several links on the topic below if you are behind on this subject and want to know more.

At first the most important part of our system will be our own private quantum computers that we run in house or house on a local campus so that students can use it in our downtime.
The added cloud of portable devices will only make a small dent in regards to speed increase at first.
It will still be a significant amount of real world CPU power to use however as quantum computers can't really do standard processing yet.
We will be mainly using our Quantum Computer as a controller for our cloud for now and simulation processor.

So building a cloud out of devices is hardly useless even today without the Quantum devices.

But once we add portable quantum processors into the cloud, we then have a system where the portable devices will quickly start to outweigh the power of the in house quantum computer.

One very important fact to mention is that currently Quantum Computing has reached a point where we can process more qubits than there are physical atoms in the entire known universe...
And it exceeds this number by a very large amount.

This basically means we can make a static snapshot model simulation of the entire universe right now and we are quickly approaching the level needed to run very, very advanced simulations of huge scales in real-time.

ie. We will soon be able to simulate the big bang and all of time up to now type of stuff.

We are not quite there yet with both the hardware and the software.

But it's no longer science fiction.

It's merely an engineering problem now.

Sell your unused processor power!

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