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Quantum Anti-Virus

What exactly is Quantum Anti-Virus?

Just like with a Quantum Firewall. It has not really been defined yet.

The way that we plan to implement our vision of this system is alongside of our Firewall system within what could be referenced as a reverse matrix.

For more information definitely read our page about Quantum Universes, Multi-verse Theory, and Omni-verse Theory which is where all the simulation magic is explained.

Basically by partnering with strategic teams that are already doing the research on 3d simulations and distributed computing we can place AI machines in a virtualized world.

Both in function and in form.

We then mirror there functions through the use of a simulation to real world bridge.

This basically means that an AI will exist in a simulation and will operate virtual devices that exist in these virtual worlds.

The trick is that these virtual devices are bridged into real devices that exist in the real world that need a computer to control them.

So while the AI is running a machine in a simulation, it is actually running a machine in the real world by proxy through our bridge.

If you want to know more about how this works, Please see our pages about AI Training, AI Vetting, and AI Containment.

It is a beautifully simple system that allows AI to be it's own anti-virus system within a quantum environment that contains their functions and access.

After much thought this is literally the only way to run a Quantum Anti-Virus System as code can change very fast and very drastically using polymorphism and abstraction in an AI driven environment.

Keep in mind that these AI we speak of are not AI Conciousness or awareness. These are souless smart machines.
Technology is a long ways away from making AI conciousness...We hope.
But this system will prepare us for that day if it ever were to come.

Our Quantum Anti-Virus System basically relies on using encapsulation and statistics along with other AI monitoring other AI with a strict control hierarchy for controlling which iteration of an AI is bridged.

Think of it as more of a "Jiminy Cricket" module for AI.
People all over will develop different AI.
They should not be wasting time re-inventing the wheel when it comes to morality and ethics.
Not only is it dangerous but it is a waste of time.
Our system will lead to a uniform standard style of designing a safe AI controller for any machine once adopted correctly.
Think of it this way...If an AI becomes concious do you want it to program it's own "alien like digital soul" or do you think we should pre-program one that is similar to ours?

So the long answer made short is that a Quantum Anti-Virus System is really just a morality and ethics engine encapsulated within a virtual environment where if any AI acts erroneous or erratic that the other AI can notify the control system of the breach in protocols and we can seamlessly switch the control of which AI is running our machine in the real world over to a different AI that is running the same simulation except without deviation and thus avoiding potentially horrific catastrophes, all while never even letting the AI know if it was inactive or not or that being inactive is even a thing.

If an AI tried to take over the world "Skynet" style or "Battlestar Galactica" style, it would simply be taking over a simulation at first and human moderators or other Kontrol AI would notice long before any AI system gets out of the simulated environment, and more importantly, long before it even has a chance to figure out it is in a virtualized environment.

If an AI did figure out it was in a simulation, thanks to the design of the MEQUAVIS, it wouldn't even know which simulation was the real world and which was just another simulation.

If done proper an AI would assume all simulated worlds were actually just Parallel universes in the event it did discover the system.

You can read more about this on other pages more relevant to that topic.

Basically you would have 100s if not thousands or more of the same AI running the same task in a simulation that needs to be done in the real world with only one iteration being bridged into the real world device.

A quantum computer computer would monitor each iteration and just make sure that a version of that AI that wasn't deviating from the statistical norm was always the one in charge of the real world machine.
Basically use statistics to our advantage.

The computer would be capable of switching over control in nanoseconds when an AI messes up thus avoiding messing up in the real world.

This system will allow for serious vetting of AI technology that may need to be used live in places like the Mars missions or deep underwater.
Places where an internet connection wouldn't be feasible due to lag time issues with the speed of light and/or simply a lack of a connection.

Obviously there is much more to the system than this but this is the gist of the system without giving away our trade secrets.


Basically we have described there are two components to this system.

1) A "Jiminy Cricket" morals and ethics module that other AI vendor's can use like an installable API instead of developing there own morals/ethics.

2) A virtual world bridge to connect virtual devices run by AI then linked into real world devices for mirrored control that would have uncanny perfection.

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