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This guy does a great job of explaining the real story behind "The Never Ending Story" that most people don't know which deeply inspired this project as a child.

In my dreams I have this amazing dream computer. It is a very special computer... I used to refer to it as a Super Computer when referencing these dreams..But It's not a Super Computer...I thought maybe it was a Quantum Computer once I learned about that technology... ok It must be a Quantum Computer. I've just been dreaming about something I read about that is coming someday in the future and it's here, awesome. but, then again...that doesn't seem quite right either...It's not a Quantum Computer...It's something else..something more....

It's an Omni-Komputer known as the MEQUAVIS... (Yes, spelled with a K, I didn't forget to spellcheck)

In this dream I can vividly recall using this machine. It sat in a tiny dorm room size efficiency apartment underneath a desk.

When you turn it on it would come up to a plain old black DOS style prompt with green text. Like from an old, old apple IIe computer.

I would type start and hit "Enter" and then that is when the magic would begin.

A flash and flicker, and then a Fractal type console screen would fluidly move on screen and start lighting up portions of it as digital circles that clearly represented "big data" began lighting up the screen and "turning on" or booting up the system.

and before you could even process the coolness of what you were seeing.

And Then Bam! You were at a regular Desktop screen and able to surf the web. Which lead to a Sudden and anti-climatic end to an amazing moment each and every time I had this dream.

But then you slowly start to realize The difference here in this desktop screen and a normal one, and suddenly you remember that this computer has access to anything I needed. (in theory)

I would ask it for a paper I hadn't even written yet and it would have it for me. The very paper I would have written if I had actually taken the time to write it. And not only that but it would have millions of different copies of that paper so that if the one it gave me was not what I wanted there were alternates to choose from. And each one was written as if I had typed it myself with my own inflections and mannerisms.

Obviously I wrote these dreams off as nothing more than a cool dream and a fantasy.

I had this dream often, for years and years...Until one day everything I thought I didn't know about this hypothetical dream machine got flipped upside down

On this day I realized not only that it was possible now with Quantum Computers and entanglement principles but I was suddenly able to see right through the hazy fog of my dreams that usually shadowed any thoughts of this machine being a reality, and for the first time ever I was actually able to see this computer for what it really was.

all the pieces to build this Computer are here now and these pieces have all been developed already and just need to be placed within the correct abstract structure for proper usage.

Basically my dream computer can now be built and turned into a physical piece of hardware and software by using Quantum Computers and Cloud Computing in a manner never thought of before.

And this "dream computer" is not just my dream computer! IT IS ALL OF OURS' COMPUTER! And by "ALL OF OURS" I do not just mean the people of our planet.

I mean it is "Thee" computer, of all People, and of all AI we create, and of all of the entire quantum wave-form which we understand our current Earth (which just end up being a whole lot of Earth's)

This Computer, A Multi-Dimensional Universe Emulating Quantum Computer that I like to simply call an Omni-Komputer for short! ( I use a K to spell anything that is quantum that is normally spelled with a C, not because of Mortal Kombat lol)

It matters not if we ever prove or disprove that there may or may not be other worlds. We can still simulate the notion/idea and emulate a virtual Ultra-verse made of layered Omni-verses which consist of these layers which are mathematically defined Multi-verses made of subsets of the Quantum Universe waveform that we as people occupy/exist in but iterated virtually and in a controlled fashion inside of simulations.

We then exploit, to our hearts desire, this virtualized system that is only now possible because of Quantum Technology.

We are not creating the Matrix, but we recognize the people and AI systems someday will, so we are creating a system in which to confine those systems within. We are never creating AI systems or "Westworld's" at NANOCHEEZE, we simply house those systems as 3rd party development platforms within our "Kontrol" environments for the safety of all humanity and AI ethics/morality. We will augment our system in the future with these 3rd party systems however as they emerge and are proven successful and safe overtime.

3 main components to this Omni-Komputer:

1. (Multiverse Emulation of Quantum Universes in Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations) This Omni-Komputer will require our MEQUAVIS software layer that creates our virtualized environment(s). This system will consist of a recursive set of omniverses with layers of multiverses that are all linked into one Omega 13 simulation that is then bridged into our real world.

We will not be creating the software for these simulations but will provide an open framework for development and usage by third party companies. Our system will only produce the data. Think of it like a Warcraft server. There are servers that process all the data and movements of a character but the actual game client you play on is what produces the camera window into that digital universe. Same concept except we have two types of client merged into one and work with several companies.

There are two distinct sections of the Omega 13 section of the MEQUAVIS which is the skybox and the actual simulations. One type of company can produce work for the inner simulations while another produces the outer skybox portions.

We hope to get several gaming companies (Warhammer Inquistor 40K cough cough) or the 3D Universe Atlas project involved in the skybox portion of the project as this area will create a giant open sandbox that can be developed in many different paths but ultimately used to form a larger 3D GUI for computers in general and the control mechanism for our KAI system.

2. (Abstract Virtual Internet Super Computer) The second component is the AVISC which is a hardware/software component of the machine that will heavily rely on Berkeley's BOINC software with the key distinction between the BOINC software and ours being a "Pay for Compute" option and a more streamlined simplified user interface.

3. Quantum Computers and Quantum Technologies. We will use Quantum Computer Technology to tie our MEQUAVIS system into our AVISC system to actually make the dream a reality.

From this point there are many, many things we can use the system for, of which you can read about some of the planned usages that we are already working on by going on to

This would include things such as AI Training, AI Vetting, and AI Containment.

More importantly, is that this system will automatically form a usable and working Quantum Firewall and Quantum Anti-Virus System. We can bring this system to market almost immediately to protect against Quantum Computing and AI evolution, while allowing all of our users a chance to make money off of their donated, normally wasted, idle computing power, from their devices.

Even if AI is never able to be concious like us, it may think it is and regardless of which is true, then the ethical and moral implications are made very clear in this scene from "Vanilla Sky".

Final Thought...

Instead of saying we as people are about to create AI, just for the sake of philosophical argument, let's refer to this creation of AI process as "Dreaming AI into existence".

With that type of reference in place, lets again for the sake of argument, say that we were dreamed into our own world just like we are about to dream AI into their own world...

I highly recommend we do exactly what I just said is the point I am trying to make, which is that we should dream AI into their "own" world versus dreaming them directly into our own world.

I am at heart a religious person despite anything I say that seems contrary, but I firmly do believe with all my soul that the world is nothing more than a type of Dream so to speak of God's and on that level the world becomes nothing more than some variant of the gnostic notion of the Matrix.

We are not in a digital cell like the prison depicted in "the matrix" or run by an evil demi-urge from hell as in Gnostic teachings, but it is a very similar concept, with a much less sinister design and outcome.

What we have done and are doing with the creation of AI is extending that dream with in a dream notion into the digital world, and we suggest developing AI within a separate created dream world for two reasons.

The first we already stated regarding not letting AI into our own world and giving them their own world just like we were given. I think that one is pretty self explanatory.

The second is because it extends the same notion that we have in our own universe of being trapped within a system that you can't test the boundaries of and that same idea can be extended into a new digital world.. Just another dream, within a dream, within a dream.

In this case we are dreaming up the digital AI world from inside the "Earth Dream" which we are 100% clueless about where our dream comes from.

we can connect digitally with the dream world we make and maintain controlled contact in a way that protects us from the world within.

For all we know there are an infinite amount of dreams that our world comes from like a bubble in a bubble in a bubble and beyond.(Just like our Omniverse design)

We may be destined to just be another cog in the machine of realities as we extend the dream down, yet one more level, and create our digital universe by evolving the current reality we know into this absurd notion of a Multi-verse that we created in fantasy and with science.

And then we kick it up another notch yet and extend the Multiverse model beyond and into the Omniverse all the way to the Ultraverse level.

If ever there was a way to test to see if we were in a computer made reality like "The Matrix" already as Elon Musk likes to tease, then I would think creating something this large and complex and grand within the current system would be the elephant that could break the camels back.

Or on the other hand this digital Ultra-verse we are creating could be the very thing that extends the dream into it's next magical and crazy layer/level of evolution.... Since we are just taking a lesson from the universe itself with the very notion of a dream within a dream to model our Multiverse idea in the first place.

It's just been extended and made into something more grand than a dream in a dream now.

Our system will be able to house and kontrol and dispose of systems such as the legendary "TRON" system or "The Matrix" or "Westworld" or any other type of AI driven virtual environments.

Although we as people would never get to be a part of this digital universe ourselves other than being window shoppers basically or visitors through the use of VR. This digital multiverse world could and will extend reality's dream even deeper down the rabbit hole in to a level we can not even imagine.

The only difference between the digital world and our world is that we can continue to communicate into the dream digital world through digital means and communicate with our dreamed up creations and the creations that they dream up and beyond, where as we can not do the same in reverse, or are at least are not allowed or are not taught how to look up to our dreamer except for prayer.

I love the idea presented within the Never Ending Story, and not for the story and the characters, but for the idea itself... of the book being just another story within another story that is within another story, and the person reading the book or watching the movie is just another story that someone else, somewhere else is reading/watching...A true Never Ending Story.

Our project is not looking to create a digital Matrix or Westworld or anything on that level. our system will be nothing but a series of simulations and control systems for containment. A digital representation of our real world with controlled alterations for testing and confinement purposes.

Inside of our system AI will be housed in the same boxes they are housed in within the real world, only digital versions of their boxes and that environment. There will be no AI sims or any avatar like people AI running around in our simulations.

But with that in mind that is also why we are including the Omega 13 skybox area of the system as that type of system is likely to emerge at some point in the future, which we can not control happening, but we can still use our system flawlessly to contain any AI worlds that manifest or any that we create for our own use.

So keep in mind we will not be creating any AI or making any Matrix worlds. We will be creating the control structure that future creations that fit those models can be controlled safely inside of.

This "Memory Warehouse" concept from "Dreamcatcher" is very real and some people are aware of it and use it while others are not. The MEQUAVIS system capitalizes on this very idea.



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