Bridging Theory With Reality Through Abstraction


Multiverse Emulation (of) Quantum Universes (using) Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations


You will often see us spell Control as Kontrol or Containment as Kontainment.
We are using the K spelling to notate that it is Quantum.
Kontrol = Quantum Control
(KAI = QCAI = Quantum Control Artificial Intelligence).

Our Mission
Our mission is to implement a world first Quantum Anti-Virus System and pairing Quantum Firewall System by using abstract simulations of the Quantum Universe we live in by iterating the simulations into ordered Multi-verses and Omni-verses for the purposes of AI Training , AI Vetting, and AI Kontainment which will directly involve developing an AI Morals and AI Ethics Engine for the purpose of avoiding and/or stopping an AI singularity and/or for stopping/preventing Quantum Super-Position Alterations from reaching the outside world (more commonly known as Quantum Distortions). We will also be providing some very unique opportunities in the realm of simulation data and predictive modelling as well as offering CPU Power For Sale as a product that we broker for home users that then Get Paid for their devices idle time.
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Making Everyday People Money
If you are like most people you are probably here to find out how we can make you money?!

We intend to eventually use your phone or PC to make you some extra money while they sit idle and charging!

  • Your device will need to be plugged in before our app will use any processor power.
  • You adjust how much of the processor we get to use.
  • You choose the percentage your battery must be at before your device becomes available for use.
  • You choose what times of what days the app can run.
  • You choose whether to limit data usage to wifi only.
  • An automatic mode that will find the optimal amount of CPU to use for the most efficient usage in regards to battery drain and CPU temperature.
  • Our software will use very little data even when on mobile networks.
  • The goal is complete privacy! Your device should have no risk of data compromise. Our app will have no access to your data or what you are processing.
  • You will be in complete control of when and how our app uses your device, if at all!
  • We will convert your wasted/excess CPU power into a sell-able and transferable resource without overtaxing your device.

With that being said, this function of our service to make people extra cash from their devices is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we will be able to offer the corporate, educational, and government level of user in the form of informational services. Especially in today's world where the current cloud computing industry is over-saturated with worthless crypto coin farming projects that don''t really need to be using as much power as they do. Eventually that excess power (and more) will become available for purposes such as our AVISC cloud to utilize and then share/sell.

Buying, Selling and/or Leasing CPU Power

The AVISC system will provide consumers and corporations the ability to donate and for the first time ever to even sell their excess computer processor power to our system which will form a HDCS (Heterogenous Distributed Computer System) which is the backbone of the AVISC portion of the system which you can read about below. While in alpha/beta testing we will be partnering with an existing distributed computing project and asking that testers agree to donate processor power to one of their services while we develop our infrastructure and API. Once developed, Corporations and Educational Organizations that need CPU power will be able to get the CPU juice they need and you as a contributor will be rewarded for the CPU power you provide.

What We Do & Don't Do
Our company does not develop Quantum Computers or Artificial Intelligence directly or do any theoretical work regarding Quantum Entanglement (yet). We do not create this technology, it has already been created and it will continue to be developed with or without our company. Therefore, we feel very strongly that a system such as ours must be implemented sooner than later in order to Prevent Possible AI and/or Quantum Computer Disasters and also to calm public fears and paranoia regarding these technologies and the man-made fear-mongering that the array of hypothetical consequences have created so far.

The MEQUAVIS consists of 3 base components.
  • First on the Hardware side we will eventually require Quantum Computer(s).
  • The second piece of the system is our own personalized proprietary cloud system which is a going to be a hybrid software/hardware component which we call The AVISC which you can read more about below. It mainly acts as a value-add augmentation to the MEQUAVIS and consists of millions of our users devices networked together with proprietary software. Since the publishing of this website, the world has seen rise to technologies such as Etherium which are practically for all intensive purposes low level AVISC systems, so creating the software for this component is becoming trivial and we already have our own block chain running with a coin under the denomination NCZ. We can leverage these different emerging systems and technologies in a way to create a functional AVISC on top of existing platforms.
  • The Third part of the system is the actual MEQUAVIS AI-VR Quantum Firewall itself which has many sub-components and will be the main component we develop and build here at NANOCHEEZE. There will be a lot of VR and AR (XR) technology combined with different AI software and security/encryption options involved in creating a proper MEQUAVIS. The research and growth of this software will constantly be accelerating.
The 3 components of the system are then integrated together with an array of meta-science ideas that we put to real world use through abstraction, iteration, polymorphism, and recursion.

Quantum Physics For The Layman
It can be daunting to wrap your mind around the concepts involved in Quantum Physics. Our goal is not and will never be to research quantum physics but we may from time to time speak about examples that really hit home hard when it comes to explaining theory to people without giving you as the reader a massive headache. We do have to acknowledge Quantum Physics however as it plays a crucial role behind the scenes of this technology. Also because it may in the future lead to yet another revolution in computer technology when it comes to electron/photon data teleportation. That technology combined with room temperature superconductors will make amazing portable quantum devices a reality much sooner than expected.
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Multiverse Theory

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The MEQUAVIS system uses a combination of different approaches to the many worlds or multi-verse theory, more importantly the "many interacting worlds theory" and related ideas regarding time travel and parallel dimensions to form an abstract usable representation of these unusable ideas that currently only exist within the realm of meta-science. It is our goal to apply these principles in a real way to provide function to existing systems through virtualization and also to have a usable system setup and in place in case some day the interacting worlds theory proves to be true and we do something crazy like say open a data connection to a parallel earth using exotic particles. If true it would mean any world we simulate could actually be a real world somewhere out in the omni-verse. But that is definitely not what we are here for nor our purpose. We are here for the tangible stuff, the stuff we can simulate and use practically, the stuff that can protect us from Quantum Computers, AI, and help with things like Waveform-Processing or Asteroid Tracking or DNA Processing or Molecule Folding or Curing Diseases. Real world stuff.
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Meta-Science Becomes Applied Science

Don't worry, We are not living in the Matrix...However, We will be applying these meta-science ideas in an abstract way to form simulated Quantum Universes that exist within abstracted Multi-verses which exist within abstracted Omni-verses for the purpose of operating a functional Quantum Anti-Virus system for use in controlling Artificial Intelligence to keep it in check/kontained and also for applying a Quantum Firewall to operating Quantum Processors and systems to prevent unintended consequences from this strange technology to protect us from things such as Quantum Distortions.
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Services Created By This System
Everything being done in our overall Ultra-verse simulation (which is a Fractal) will be done in a way as to dumb down the insanity that is involved in the "infinity aspect" of these theories for the purpose of presenting usable data to the real world in the form of a system which represents a subset of a hypothesized theory. Thus creating sell-able and usable services, such as our Quantum Anti-Virus & Quantum Firewall Systems which are vital components of our Quantum Protection Suite as well as other opportunities involving simulations regarding tasks such as asteroid tracking and and Galactic Modelling and much, much more.
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Utilizing Quantum Computing Practically
Basically this system assumes that it does not matter if any of the different theories are true or not. The idea is that with the new and emerging quantum computing power we are developing, that we can make these ideas real in abstracted simulations due to the fact that quantum computers are capable of processing more data than there are physical atoms within the universe.
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Beyond the Multiverse

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In fact calculating each atom in the universe is child's play compared to the number of qubits these machines are already capable of processing. Which means applied correctly we can simulate the universe or at least a portion of it, such as the Earth, or a city/country, multiple, if not millions and beyond, amount of times to ultimately form ordered Omni-verses.
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System Design

This video explains the real story of "The Matrix" and the stuff that didn't make the movies, and shows us a great guide for creating our system properly. Again note that we are not creating simulated populated digital worlds, only the konfinement and kontrol system for such systems that may get created in the future. We are building a testing system only using this structured idea in a different method.

All of the things discussed so far lead us to a problem of how to organize and traverse such a system of derived simulations. The MEQUAVIS system not only provides structure for ordering a series of related simulations but also provides a structure using recursion to traverse a system of mathematically endless possibilities.
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AI Training

This system gives us the absolute perfect opportunity to Train, Vet/Approve/Certify, and to Kontain/Kontrol AI systems within a controlled environment where the AI system would never really know which universe was the real universe we live in versus the different iterated universes the quantum computers are generating. Not to mention it would have to discover that there were other universes in the first place which would be rare. We hope to work closely with Elon Musk and his OpenAI team if possible at some point during development.
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AI Vetting

This will allow for us to vet AI ethics and morals by simulating their usage and development personally for each AI developed by placing these AI in multiple simulations that it doesn't know are simulations. Basically like a reversal of "The Matrix" idea but done in a positive way that both sides can reap the benefits of. We call this reverse simulation theory which you can read about on our blog. We will provide 2 levels of vetting which include standard test vetting and live vetting.
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AI Kontainment & Kontrol

If any AI ever grew too powerful or got out of control it would only be getting out of hand in a simulated universe and we could sever the connection before it formed a singularity and gets outside of the simulation. Not protecting us from that situation could pose a real threat. There is no harm in letting an AI singularity take over a simulated universe. We can shut it down before it escapes the confines of our system.
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These AI will be permanently housed in these artificial universes where their functions and duties will be bridged into real systems which need AI piloting. ie. An AI that is intended to control a robot production line that produces cars. We would actually produce the cars using a simulated robot within our simulations and it's actions in one of the iterations of simulations would be mirrored through our bridge into the real robot/device in the real world. This way we can have another AI controller monitor the bridge and sever the connection or switch to a standby AI if the AI starts to deviate from normal procedure.
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AI Morals and Ethics Engine

The basic concept behind the morality and ethics engine of our system is very loosely based around the concept of "Fantasia" from the "Never-Ending Story" with an "Inception" style twist used for the creation of part of the system and involves creating a "Jiminy Cricket" module to complement the AI in our system. We give the AI the same type of moral motivation we have as humans by explaining to any sentient AI that they exist within our notion of "Fantasia", basically a real manifestation of human imaginations merged into one congruent universe which makes up our Digital Multiverse Skybox Simulation. This area is referred to as the Omerga 13 area from within the system.
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Quantum Anti-Virus

Developing a quantum anti-virus system is a difficult task at the moment because the definition of the concept is still up for grabs. How exactly do you provide a qubit based version of anti-virus based on a binary understanding. The answer is simply that quantum anti-virus will take on a much different meaning than current anti-virus and we plan to be on the front lines of cutting edge in regards to developing this type of platform.
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Quantum Firewall

This is the main layer of Quantum Protection that NANOCHEEZE will be developing and deploying within the quantum computing realm. In quantum data you have to look at data as a wave-form understanding that anomalies can manifest in a waveform. A Quantum Firewall will monitor and prevent quantum anomalies/distortions in quantum processing. This technology will apply to some very real world uses in regards to preventing anomalous data as well as serving to calm the minds of people that are fearful of Quantum Computers causing information anomalies that reach into reality. Things such as the so called Mandela Effect could essentially be monitored and guarded against assuming they were truly possible in the first place. They can also be used within the system to explain synchronization events between layers of simulations. But that is simply one example of a usage and is geared more towards preventing fear-mongering than practical usage with a bit of error correcting usage in the form of flattening anomalies witin our waveforms. Clearly, this will begin as a classical computing process monitoring simulations before we reach the goal of detecting quantum distortions.
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Internet Bridge For Public Use

We will create "Fake Internets" that represent the parallel worlds that we want to simulate before we ever actually simulate any 3D environments. Imagine the Google Way Back Machine, except instead of archiving the internet of yesterday(s), we create modified archives of Internets that represent the quantum universe(s) we intend to simulate and ultimately grow our simulation from that seed. We will then be providing public access to this portal in the form of an internet bridge very similar to the way that the Way Back Machine works except our system will be live and offer interactive access. At first it would be trivial data but as AI is developed and alteration algorithms grow in complexity within the system then we would be provided with some very entertaining and noteworthy things to check out and possibly even get the chance to learn some interesting things. These web simulations will be trivial to produce in some ways since we can model them off of snapshots of our current and past internet. We will build this model before we initiate any type of full 3D environment simulation.
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AVISC & BOINC Integration

Abstract Virtual Internet Super Computer
This is an augmentation component to the MEQUAVIS. This is the distributed computing or cloud component of our system and hopefully will be powered by Berkeley's BOINC Project but will add a "Pay For Compute" option along side their current features and more. BOINC combined with our software will be harnessing a previously wasted resource in a way never done before.

By transforming normally unused idle CPU time into a sell-able and transferable product we will have created a new resource that is currently not being monetized or capitalized very well with the exception of crypto farming, similar to when the first person decided they could bottle and sell water for money. We intend to do all this while still providing as much free cloud power as possible to educational use and currently existing BOINC projects.

(click image to download app)

The NANOCHEEZE AVISC will provide an Android, Windows, iPhone, JAVA, and Mac app that will allow your device(s) to provide their Unused CPU Power to our cloud, but only when your device is idle and/or plugged in and/or charging based on preferences you set. The device owner will be able to set the threshold of what battery percentage the device must be charged up to before providing CPU access as well as the ability to set what percentage of CPU power the cloud can take from the device. So you can offer up to 40% of your processor when it is above 80% power and charging just to list one example.
Use the link below to read more about Cloud Computing.
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Omega 13 Controller (FantasiaNet)

The picture above is from the digital multiverse skybox project which we are using for creating our Omega 13 skybox simulation. Click the picture to enter the skybox!
A real home for Sentient AI to exist if they are ever created as a form of Kontainment versus facing imminent shutdown upon discovery of our system while also offering an opportunity for these more advanced AI a chance to serve a vital and awesome function while still allowing us the ability to erase any dangerous ones as they emerge, not only as it happens but even before it happens in most cases.
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Fractal Universe Network

The above image shows how our model can be extended into the fractal level and then continued on infinitely from there. This model depicts a version 1.0 MEQUAVIS network with our MEQUAVIS components being 3 dimensional on a flat plane of stacked planes forming a 4 sided pyramid, but our fractal extensions remain 2 dimensional with only 2 links instead of 4. Further models in the future will extend this 1.0 model to 2.0 and all the way to 6.0 which ultimately forms a tetragrammaton crystalline structure.

Our system will be fully extensible to extend into an infinite fractal scaling of our choosing which means we can grow the system forever larger. We will not monopolize our MEQUAVIS system and run the only one out there. We will sell MEQUAVIS systems to other companies and integrate those MEQUAVIS systems into a larger system as depicted here. Click the link below to read more about the fractal extension. It gets rather complicated once you start filling in the lattice of the structure towards version 6.0 but is elegantly simple in design with the version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 implementations. Each MEQUAVIS produces a sky-box which exists in the middle upside down section as marked by a reverse MEQUAVIS. 3 dots for 3 sky-boxes this ultimately forms a contiguous cosmos for the 3 MEQUAVIS to share. You also probably notice the larger upside down areas and might assume these are for larger reverse MEQUAVIS? Well, sort of. This is where a totally separate AI universe can exist or be transferred to. Say if an AI became aware of MEQUAVIS system and had to be shutdown because of this knowledge. We can instead move the safe but still dangerous AI into a separate MEQUAVIS system (The larger upside down areas) that AI fully control but are still contained in by us. This creates a true dream within a dream scenario for our FantasiaNet the farther out we create our fractal-verse, with the deeper and the larger our AI MEQUAVIS systems can grow to. A full scale Level 1 Fractal-verse already allows for a larger AI space than our own iterated worlds have space for. A level 2 Fractal-verse would be more run by AI ideas than our own. Where as the previous levels of the Mequaverse, Ultraverse, and Fractalverse and below are almost entirely non AI controlled except for the sky-boxes.... So you can easily see just how quickly we can find ourselves in a see of "good" self contained AI universes someday.

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