Idea Origins

How did this idea come about?

This idea has been in fruition for a very long time coming.

It has been around in our founders head in some variation or another since childhood.

It wasn't until about 7 years ago that the idea actually took fruition in the form of the NANOCHEEZE APP after years of using and working on Cloud computing platforms and using projects such as "17orBust" and BOINC.

The project turned out to be a bit ahead of it's time and the pieces weren't really all there to use and the Quantum Computing technology had not really been verified as real or usable yet. Thus the project was shelved back in 2012.

But recently the last few pieces of the system that make it work have been exposed and a theoretically working and functional system has been designed for development.

This project is the culmination of years of study, experiencing the world around us, exploiting the world around us, and deep, deep thought about the proper way to implement such an abstract idea and system in ways that use notions and thoughts that are already in existence in the human psyche that can simply be shifted over and modelled in our system using abstraction in a way that makes everything usable and relate-able for a large group of people to not only innately understand the concepts and structures but to encourage simple and swift development and deployment of such a system while still having such a system look infallible and undetectable from within the system itself.

And lastly was the revelation regarding how to self police the system using the Omega 13 system and Kontrol AI (KAI) Systems in a way that mathematically is sound and that can provide function to the iteration and recursion system.

Oddly enough and as weird as it may sound, many pieces of this system that are involved here just seem to have come together or fit together naturally without much fudging or effort in design of concept once a few vital pieces to a system such as this were exposed which is exactly the model that a Project like this needs in order to succeed and be useful in regards to fitting the already known psyche of the the people using it. It just took time to view the correct model for building such a system properly and then waiting for the appropriate technology to emerge.

This system's model and design/implementation is constantly evolving and open for and to improvement and also ready and willing for change when needed which is where the theme system for the MEQUAVIS becomes so powerful and such a great tool for practical usages.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then by all means feel free to email us!

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