Distributed Computing

Bringing Distributed/Cloud Computing to the Masses and Transforming CPU Power into a For-Sale Resource

Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing really is the core of what we will be doing here behind the scenes.

Our distributed/cloud computing platform is known as the AVISC (Abstract Virtual Internet Super Computer) and is comprised of what will be millions and possibly someday billions of portable and home CPU driven devices and is the core component behind our MEQUAVIS project that is powering world first Quantum Firewall and Quantum Anti-Virus solutions and more!

It is enabling you at home to make money off your devices normally wasted cpu power while your device is idle and charging.

Our entire system will hinge on amazing usage of distributed computing and finding a way to bring it to the general public without being a nuisance or bother to their day to day usage of their devices.

Our goal is to be practically invisible while we reclaim a small amount of your CPU as it sits idle and charging while at the same time adding quantum computers into the system.

The Quantum Computer(s) will far outweigh the portable devices at first but as technology approaches quantum devices at home and then the portable style, things will get crazy and our network will be ready to accept these quantum devices and grow our system at amazing rates.

The amount of power our system will obtain as our user base grows larger and technology continues to march forward will eventually become mind boggling and then times 10, and then unfathomable and beyond.

We will A) be giving science and education projects free access to our system to continue current cloud computing agendas and programs. I hope to dedicate at least 30% of the AVISC towards this usage and we also allow people to cash out their NCZ credits towards charity for these educational style groups that utilize our service.

We really hope that all the distributed computing projects will deeply consider joining either the BOINC project or our "Pay For Compute" program and produce modules for either of our 2 systems versus developing independently and re-inventing the wheel needlessly.

We envision this as being the first stage of the project and at first we can dedicate nearly 100% of our user base and Cloud Power to this educational BOINC usage.

This would be services like PrimeGrid, SETi@home, the Folding Project, 17orBust, Mersinne Prime Search, etc.... Even companies like Microsoft and Intel would be very welcomed to partner with this project as we know they are always doing work on heterogeneous cloud computing and related technologies that we will be developing ourselves. We think they have deemed the "cloud computing from devices option" as not feasible though for reasons we will not discuss here. We think they are missing the bigger picture when it comes to the home/portable side of things in relation to future improvements that are coming and we would love to show them what we're thinking is coming.

By partnering with one or more of these services such as BOINC as discussed more on the "Our Team" pages, we would being giving the system an immediate outlet for usage.

Overtime much of this system will go towards actually processing data for our in house Quantum Anti-Virus and Quantum Firewall Systems and for producing the iterations of simulations that this project will require to produce our Multi-verse Emulation System.

It will take some time to get to that point however and in the mean time we will sell excess CPU power to companies that need it while donating the excess CPU Power to education through BOINC.

Once fully developed we predict that we can market 70% of the system to commercial usage that would then make it's way directly back to our users pockets and then about 20% of the remaining CPU Power would be used for educational purposes, and 10% at least is going to be needed for the in house MEQUAVIS systems.

A mere 10% of this system will be more CPU power than you could ever comprehend here though once several years pass if we can get 10+ million devices on-line. Yet alone if we can grow to the billion or more mark.

Every month users will accumulate NCZ Credits for the CPU Power that they contributed.

At the end of each profitable month a number of redemption tickets will be disbursed into the system and each user will get an according number of Redemption Tickets to cash out some of their credits for whatever the current market value of an NCZ Credit may be to purchase Gift Cards and Items that we procure at bulk discounts to make the system work more profitably.

Focus will always be on paying out acquired CPU Power and profits straight to our Users and not to our Shareholder's Dividends... Just to make that very clear right now. But we will of course grow the company with some level of profits removed from the equation for our partner companies/organizations to make some profit and for our own Company Growth, Employee Salaries, and Reasonable Shareholder Dividends.

As long as users pay it forward to the system while it's being developed or when we have a non-profitable month, then we can always disburse the correct amount of credit cash outs every month compared to revenue to make sure we continue development long into the future when this service becomes invaluable. This will also allow us to ensure every credit earned in our system will eventually get paid out and paid for fairly and best of all these credits that represent normally wasted CPU Power, that we will be giving value to, didn't have any value before we harnessed this resource in this way.

So even if users have to wait a while to cash out all their credits, it is still something they wouldn't have had at all before or without this service. So it is a win-win-win-win-win (Company/Partners/Users/Customers/AI) situation for everyone that is involved.

We hope to join forces with both the NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Team through their Inception program and also the BOINC project! Check it out below!

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