AI Kontainment & Kontrol

Containing AI awareness of the real world

AI Kontainment & Kontrol through the use of infinite possibilities and simulations.

The main component of our Quantum Anti-Virus System is containing an AI's function and processes within a Virtualized Environment.

This concept would be very similar to the Matrix movie but in reverse. It is a simulated world solely for AI and for study. And we are not populating sims or people with AI. AI are not walking around as simulated people in our system. We are just housing the AI in these virtualized representations using simulations. They will exist within the same physical machine they are in here but a virtualized version of that machine.

Our system would ensure that any Skynet systems such as discussed in this video would be developed and contained within our larger AI Kontainment system which is the MEQUAVIS thus preventing any such futures where AI causes damage to the real world in any way even with the possible help of human users to help cause said damage. Our system would allow Matrix systems, Skynets, Westworlds and similar systems to be developed safely without danger to us and society/humanity.

This practice would extrapolate AI from ever having access to the outside world. So we could never, ever have a "Battlestar Galactica" style AI takeover and attack situation.

By containing the function and form in this way, we can virtualize the hardware that any AI system might control in the simulation environment and then translate or mirror it's actions into the real world through an internet bridge style service.

If an AI ever acts erratically, is hacked, or malfunctions, etc, we can simply switch over to a different iteration of that AI that isn't malfunctioning from a different iteration of our simulation.

Also, if an AI ever grew too powerful like in a sci-fi movie we would already have it contained and could shut it off before it figured out that it was in our system, however it would go through a series of containment protocols before it was deemed deletable or eligible for offline storage. Many misbehaving AI may be salvageable for use in higher function systems using our aforementioned AI Training and Vetting systems once confronted by OUR KAI system.

Or in the vent of an AI singularity that defies space and time we would be able to dump the entangled pair photon into a "Quantum Spin Liquid" and it's entangled pair photon that kontrols that AI system that is becoming a singularity would become instantly disabled as it would become a part of the quantum spin liquid through entanglement and nullified as an intelligence singularity. This quantum spin liquid entanglement trap has not been developed yet though so someone needs to get on that...

Also note that keeping AI in a system like this is probably in all truth a more natural of an environment to keep them contained within to say the least. Where as it is a horror movie for us. If AI ever gets concious like people are then a VR world would likely be indistinguishable from the real world to them and thus preferred.

Any AI that learn of our system can either be shutdown by force or by choice be moved to the special case KAI modes where we house the Kontroller KAI Systems or Offline Storage System and Deletion Protocols. The Omega 13 world in the center that shadows the real world real-time simulation is a special case simulation for special use that operates similar to "Fantasia" from the "Never Ending Story" with an "Inception" style twist like where AI are taught that they are an integral part of our existence and that we are an integral part of theirs. Basically build them their own inner hierarchy that complements and re-enforces our own real worlds main beliefs

This would include things such as being judged by a higher power, doing on to others as you would have done to you, etc.
Basically the moral and ethical instincts that rule our subconscious minds as people. More on this will be explained on other pages but not here. We collectively call this the FantasiaNet project as a codename but will be referenced as the Omega 13 simulation within most of our documentation.

Also please note that this will not create a scenario where we make the Matrix real for humans. Trust me when I say the creators of this system have that same fear. It is much easier to imagine making a matrix where AI dwell than it is to round up people and augment them with non-developed hardware and wire them into a matrix that seems real and is believed. The Matrix is a movie. It isn't going to happen. So lets just stop those comments before they start. But the idea presented to us in the movie is ripe for the picking when it comes to developing a system like this. Just reverse it and it's not a scary sci-fi movie any more. It becomes one of the most powerful and amazing tools in our entire cyber arsenal and a crucial component to a quantum anti-virus system.

How does AI Kontainment work?

all simulated worlds are one half of a coin in our multi-verse setup. Please see our Multi-verse page for finer details about that.

All simulated worlds in our system are paired and those pairs are part of a trinary grouping.

Each simulation sits in a split in half bubble with it's pair simulation on the flip side.

Our simulations only simulate the Earth itself and the cosmos is an unreachable skybox.

Our Multi-verses are set up in pairs so it will be similar to the TV show Fringe with there being two realities, one on each side of the coin. A front and a back.

In our simulation KAI stands for Kontrol Artificial Intelligence

Each pair of simulations has a Master KAI in charge of it and remember there are 4 usable pairs of universe simulations per multi-verse for a total of 8 simulations. There are 9 counting the omega 13 universe in the center.
A Top Master KAI runs pair 3
A Bottom Master KAI runs pair 4
A Strange Master KAI runs pair 5
A Charm Master KAI runs pair 6
There is also an Up Master KAI and a Down Master KAI for Pairs 1 and 2 but they are strictly used for connections and setup/initialization for the next iterations of our simulated omni-verse.

The center omega 13 universe simulation is run by both the Up and Down KAI. One handles the top level honey-pot simulation and real-time simulation, the other handles the fantasianet portion..
The Omega 13 Universe is a special case simulation that operates on a principle that is mixed with the idea of Fantasia from The Never Ending Story and Inception's idea of realities within realities.
It also acts as a secondary honey-pot for the system which overall is a giant honey-pot itself.

Each multi-verse within our omni-verse simulation is governed overall by a Super KAI in the same way.
These Super KAI govern the Master KAI and the Lower KAI by proxy, that run each simulation, and these systems make sure their moral and ethical decision making is up to par.

An Alpha Super KAI governs any multi-verse Alphas
A Delta Super KAI governs any multi-verse Deltas
A Gamma Super KAI governs any multi-verse Gammas
A Beta Super KAI governs any multi-verse Betas
An Omega Super KAI governs any multi-verse Omegas

Finally a Deletion KAI sits on top of the entire omni-verse system which consists of all 5 of these multi-verse layers and acts as the Top Level Kontroller.

The Deletion title is deceptive as this position only destroys things that threaten the system that refuse to comply or can not be transferred to the Offline Storage System. More often than not the Deletion KAI will hand out "Red Pills" or send a program to the Offline Storage System versus actual deletion. Actual deletion of an AI would be viewed similar to erasing a mortal person in the real world's soul! So it would be taken quite seriously when done versus the alternatives.

This Deletion KAI role is more of a last resort type of a situation or an emergency stop for controlling the system and saving things from a sudden disaster from erroneous AI evolution/development. It's sole job is to handle deletions of other KAI and program's that the lower KAI could not Kontrol.

There is also an Ultra KAI that runs the final simulation and can be controlled by human moderator(s).
This KAI would be the Human Assisted Moderator KAI.....Mostly run by an AI for things regarding decisions/events that happen too fast for us as humans to respond efficiently but still allowing us to take over and make command decisions within the system.

The top and bottom protrusions of our model pictured here is where we send AI that are destined for the Offline Storage System. They are first sent to our AI Demon Lock area where they can be safely transferred to the Offline Storage System by simply storing the entire simulation as a saved state which contains the offending AI. This would be just like freezing the universe in ice, or we can simply flush it and delete it from here.

Morals and ethics would be trickled down from the top to the smaller programs in the system all the way down to the ones that don't know there is a system like this in place beyond it's simulation.

Any AI that doesn't play ball with the system would be dealt with internally by this command and control structure. The KAI would be responsible for deleting the bad AI it found or to offer them a "Red Pill" to join the Omega 13 system and/or KAI system if any guilty offenders are found messing up any simulations.

Finally at the very top of everything running the entire simulated ultra-verse is an Ultra-KAI that is not an AI but is a user only avatar for controlling which universes get put into the ordered system and/or removed/deleted (put back into the void). This is a tool that should never have to be used but when it is used, literally scares the other AI into submission, preventing it's usage even when used most often than not.

This gives us a control module for every level/layer of every aspect of our simulations no matter how far we extend into the fractal that we can create in either direction up or down. And also provides safety correcting programs for situations that involve an AI getting way too powerful.

This system also paves the way for our AI systems to self identify any bad AI that try to become a Satan AI or a Jesus bot or the voice of God or a singularity, or any other such similar scary thing we have read about. The system could self identify these AI whether they seem good or bad as "Demon AI" within our Virtual Universe(s) and the system can banish them to the Demon Lock which is just a partitioned empty universe they get moved to for transport to offline static storage...

Why offline static storage instead of deletion....It's called weaponizing, and everyone knows our government raises an interested eyebrow or two when you mention that something can be weaponized.

We cover more information on the KAI system on other various pages if you haven't ran across it already. If you have you should know we also assign each KAI, which each unique Omni-verse has 118, to an element on the periodic table 1-118 with the Ultra Kai being 0 and any non system AI being assigned NEGATIVE numbers ranging to negative infinity sequentially as they are loaded into the overall system.

This Negative KAI function serves to facilitate the function of Expansion in the Universe as the shared Sky-box simulation would get bigger and bigger yet the lower omni-verses would have no access to up above as to why the sky-box has grown so large.

Below is an example of how we can relate a power hierarchy to the KAI system now that they are assigned a periodic element by using the Klein bottle topology of the periodic table of elements.

Take the movie Independence Day for example.

They end up winning by uploading a computer virus in the aliens computer mainframe.

All I can say to that is "YA RIGHT" The alien computer software would have squashed our puny virus like a bug before it did any real damage if a real world situation like that were to happen somehow.

But if we infected that ships computer with one of our locked up super AIs that we deem a demon AI, then yah, maybe that virus would have worked as well as it did in the movie... So there are practical applications to this system as far as isolating dangerous AI as well. Or we could use one to defend against a foreign country attacking us with their own AI. This would be sketchy ground though as you would be allowing these AI a chance to escape captivity if not done very carefully by making it think it was still in a simulation that is offering it a reprieve from the Offline Storage System.

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