New beta version released 8/2/2017! This version improves many features of the MequaXplorer and has an improved auto updating function and early introduction to Quantum NanoCompression (R2D2 - Reliably Reconstructable Data Deconstruction). Early beta testing of the NANOCHEEZE APP has begun! Download for Windows, Android/Linux version coming soon. Check out our "ADOBE AI meets the MEQUAVIS" Presentation. NVIDIA has just announced the "ISAAC Robot Simulator" and Google announces "AutoML". Together these platforms along with others are paving the way for creation of the MEQUAVIS! We are announcing a possible partnership with Easyminer to kickstart a revenue stream to pay our users (you) before we even leave beta testing! Amazing developments happening on all fronts!


Home of the MEQUAVIS.
A Quantum Firewall For AI Defense. Built By Reclaiming Wasted & Excess CPU Power From Our Users Devices & The Internet of Things! We Offer AI Training, Testing, Vetting, Control, Certification, and Containment Services.
Together, We Can & Will Prevent Any & All AI Malfunctions!

GET PAID for your smart device(s) unused CPU power!

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