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AI Safety Certifications

NanoCheeZe is on the forefront of safe AI development and is currently offering an upgradeable AI Safety Certification available for companies and projects to proudly display. This certificate makes a statement about your commitment to proper AI development and safety.

Our current Safety Certifications will not include Active testing within the MEQUAVIS at NAICOS Level 1. But these certs will be upgradeable at greatly reduced rates versus new certs once we release NAICOS2 which will include preliminary testing in the early MEQUAVIS once further developed.

Our certs will also be stored within our own block chain system so that you can query and display your active cert information. A cert will contain information such as, Does your software use any AI? Does it use AI internally on your CPU or externally from the web? Is any AI accessed via 3rd party? How many total AI systems does your software use if any? These are questions and answers that people are going to start wanting and asking very soon! Our cert will give them this answer and peace of mind.

Purchasing a cert from us now is a preliminary commitment towards AI Safety, Security, and Proper Development! A commitment of excellence if you will!

Even if you do not write software or have a project or company that can display this cert, you can still purchase one as an investment and as support of the issue/cause at hand! We will optionally issue certs as resell-able certs during our kickstarter discount offer for this purpose! So later when a cert is at full price which won't be cheap, You can resell them! And we will even buy them back over time and resell them for you to facilitate such investing once possible!

NanoCheeZe App

Currently we only have a demo of our app. It is a proof of concept demo but functional! This is written in JAVA but only optimized to work on Windows 10 currently.

The app will provide users with access to Gridware software which is free open source software that has been, or will be, professionally polished for public and free consumption. An alternative choice of apps going back to the classic no Ad-Ware models. Shareware/Freeware style.

The app powers the backbone of the MEQUAVIS which is the AVISC. This system will enable and combine several options for how your CPU(s) are utilized towards different projects including our own!

You will be able to choose from several BOINC projects (ComputeForCancer, PrimeGrid, SETI@Home, etc), contribute to a JPPF cloud, NVIDIA GPU clouds, distributed Cryptocurrency mining of many flavours, and most importantly your machine(s) may be used to emulate a machine within one of our simulation environments.

Most importantly that once this system is fully developed, users will actually be able to earn a form of virtual currency or cryptocurrency in exchange for their CPU power. We only take as much CPU power as you are willing to provide and only when your device is idle/charging.

The NanoCheeZe app is also your portal or GUI access into the MEQUAVIS, The Digital Multiverse, where you can train, test, certify, contain, & control AI system!


Multiverse Emulation (of) Quantum Universes (using) Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations.

This is a system that is powered by the NanoCheeZe app and the AVISC which it powers. The MEQUAVIS provides us with a virtual quantum firewall that we can utilize for AI training, containment, vetting, safety, and certification. This is a world first AI Defense System.

The MEQUAVIS is powered by the devices on the AVISC network. When the MEQUAVIS is idle, you will see our users CPU power going to educational and research uses outside of NanoCheeZe through the use of BOINC projects and such. When in use your machine will be emulating a machine such as a Windows XP box while pretending to be a real machine in a virtual network within a simulation VR environment built on Unreal Engine and/or Unity. We hope to heavily leverage Google's AutoML and NVIDIA's ISAAC for some of this purpose.

The MEQUAVIS will also serve an amazing function of keeping track of AI/Robotic work performed. Similar to how we use "money" to represent "human labor" in the economy. Our AI/VR systems will produce a cryptocurrency called NanoCheeZe that will be used to reward and award work completed to AI systems. We will literally build a VR economy for AI in a Matrix. Once fully developed, certain AI will be "live bridged" into real world systems from their VR counterparts and those systems will generate and be awarded with new coins...Non bridged "testing/training" systems will also generate coins but a sub-coin that will be trade-able for the actual main coin in the same concept as cents to the dollar...Virtual work performed will be what increases inflation in this system and not arbitrary rules and settings. sub-coin usage will be partitioned off for "simulation of origin" usage only.


You can download our Demo app for windows 10 written in JAVA.



A live Look


Logo Design and Intro


Fractalverse View


KAI Chat Bots Example


Find more screenshots and info on our gitHub page:

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